Freebies! Free gifts! Here’s how to make use of those pesky No. 7 vouchers. I have eternally thrown out the voucher I received with my boots receipt. I much rather when they give me extra points or money off my next shop. I recently watched Simone’s awesome YouTube video. She spoke of this No 7 highlighter. I decided I’d put the four euro voucher to good use and take the plunge on the highlighter…(it’s an addiction) when I got to Boots, there was a free gift with any two purchases. Hmmm a gift, for me, hmmm I love gifts… Hmmm what can I buy with the highlighter. I saw these awesome lip crayons and said I’d give them a whirl.



20140325-202222.jpg I bought the highlighter and I’m so glad I did. It’s so pretty and worth a swatch if your stalking makeup in boots. I also bought the crayon in this beautiful berry colour it is surprisingly good. The colour is super pigmented and it’s soft and actually moisturising on the lips. Any crayons I’ve tried before were drying. I’m talking to you Revlon. >


20140325-202720.jpg You’ve upped your game No. 7. No longer shall I awkwardly tell the lady I don’t need the voucher. It’s definitely worth a browse. These lip crayons are awesome and the colours are really good. It took me a while to choose the shade!

❤️ Siobhan >