Look forgive me for the ‘sharpener’ title… I was trying to avoid spelling the world parer… I mean it always looks wrong! I checked with another English teacher… We’re agreed on PARER! 

So it’s a while since the mayhem that ensued when NYX arrived on Irish shores! (Oh yeah we remember the frantic googling for pharmacies that were stocking it)I couldn’t believe that it was July 2014 when I blogged about my first dabble in NYX. I still love the Butter glosses but I’ve found another NYX treasure and I had to tell you about it.  

 I have used lots of parers in my lifetime! I mean hundreds (Especially in school) but I have yet to meet a makeup pencil parer that does the job so well. You know I’m dying for lip and eye pencils at the moment. I can use the small side for my Charlotte Tilbury ‘Pillowtalk‘ or Mac ‘Soar‘ ~ they never leave my bag… I blogged about how cray I am for Pencils here. But girls this little NYX buy (€4.99) is a steal. It also pares my Charlotte Tilbury’s Champagne Diamonds… (It’s a chunkier pencil).

What’s the best beauty tool, you’ve ever used?