Ah I’m such a tan-aholic these days. I love having a little glow to my skin. Who doesn’t? Really if you don’t,  I need to meet you and have a chat or introduce you to my new favourite wash-off. No shocks it’s the genius brain child of Marissa Carter of Cocoa Brown. I recently…(ok was quite a few weeks ago)  went to the #PassionPersistencePink event. (For your information, I paid cash money for my ticket, I’m not being paid in kind or with freebies to write any of this… I was Cocoa Brown Blogger of the week last year! But I’ve bought every Cocoa Brown product I’ve ever used… These goodies were in my Goodie Bag at the event but the ticket was fifty quid so I stand over my previous statement)  

 I have fallen in love with the Matte wash off tan… Here’s why; 

1. It’s so easy to apply. The consistency is light and so glides on with the mitt.

2. The colour is brilliant and doesn’t look ‘too fake’  ~ you know what I mean right? 

3. The tube is easy to squeeze. 

4. It dries incredibly quickly. I mean in less than three minutes. I was formally a fan of Rimmel wash off (but it takes 10/15 minutes to dry)but I used it going out. I wouldn’t dream of using it in the morning before work. 

5. I can use the Cocoa Brown wash off even when I’ve to be out the door in thirty minutes. This is incredible to me.

6. I had to write this post because I’ve used up the entire tube! (The first product I’ve ever used completely from a goodie bag)

7. It washes off really easily. 

I was in Wexford this last weekend, I couldn’t believe when I saw the tube in Shaws…(Almost Nationwide!) It was the last one… I’d have bought what they had! 

YES Ladies! This is a stockpile product!

 I could show you photos of this tan on my skin… but tan looks different person to person…Plus I’m really lazy… The tan is seven euro or at least it was in Shaws. You can see the Cocoa Brown product range here… I’m a big fan of the brand and the woman behind it. Marissa Carter is a hellova business woman and incredibly nice and humble in her success.  

 Have you tried the Cocoa Brown Matte gel?  It is available by clicking the link. This tan is so foolproof it’s going to make you reconsider your tanning routine. What’s your favourite Cocoa Brown product

❤️ Siobhan.