I love me some Rimmel. I’m a long standing fan of their Sun Shimmer as seen here. It’s perfect for spontaneous nights when you need a little glow. It’s easy to apply and gives a great colour. I was so excited to try out the new BB cream shimmer. I thought it was a great idea. Along with every girl in the country, I always have a sun shimmer to hand, I was guaranteed to purchase Rimmel’s latest offering.

20140427-124926.jpgThe instant tan comes in two colours; light and medium. The ‘light’ offers a natural sun kissed look. The ‘medium’ a healthy bronze glow.

20140427-125147.jpgI definitely got more than a sun kissed look after application… But I’m not here to knit pick. I’m truly undecided on this..( which is very unlike me; I’m a love it or hate it kinda girl). Okay practicalities…
It gives a really lovely finish on the skin. It’s not drying (but neither is the regular sun shimmer). It is skin perfecting and your skin looks flawless once it’s on. But, and for me it’s a big BUT, it’s really hard to apply. The blending takes a while and it’s thick and looks quite scary after you first put it on. This seems like a small thing but isn’t the idea of an instant tan, quick and fast application. I’ve given it a handful of attempts and while I’m mostly happy with it. I think the old Sun Shimmer is just as good, AND easier to apply. I think I’ll stick with that.
In other news, I’ve found a great new basecoat for my nails. The Barry M gel hi shine while I love their finish, a basecoat is essential with their application.

20140427-131814.jpgThis little bottle of Essie magic is a 3-1, it’s a basecoat, topcoat and nail conditioner! Have a wonderful week.