I had a giggle on Monday, my friend, Mairin posted an article on the “Seven Horrors of the Secret Santa”… You should have a read here. Hilarious! I’m most definitely No.5! Without fail, in years gone by, I would through a process of elimination figure out the puzzle of who everyone has! This year for the first time in …Ever… I had no idea who ‘got’ me. Well this year I really lucked out!

Com’on people Chanel and Chocolate! It’s like Tommy looked into my soul! Jokes! Olivia gave her husband spot on advice. Thanks Olivia!

Ah hello Phenix! It’s such a beautiful red.


I’ll keep you posted on Friday, as to how sweet this shade is on!

Butlers Chocolates… The icing on the proverbial cake!
What did you get from your Secret Santa?

❤️ Siobhan

{Blogmas 11= T-14 days}