Please let me apologise for my cheese-ball title, I couldn’t help it. I’m that nerdy. But on discovering the bargain on Jo Malone perfume in the loop, I had to finally take the plunge. This has been on my wish-list for a while.

IMG_0645.JPGWe have to take a minute for the beautiful packaging. It looks and smells amazing (They spray the perfume all over the tissue)

IMG_0651.JPGIt feels a little like cheating, buying a new perfume. I used to be so much more adventurous with my smellies. I just always fall back on my true loves, Stella and Chanel .

IMG_0654.JPGI bought the 30ml. bottle, I feel like it’s a reasonable investment. The ideal size to try it out properly.

IMG_0657.JPGSo here she is in all her glory, my new Peony & Blush Suede. What’s your favourite Jo Malone scent? Do you layer? Tell me all…

❤️ Siobhan