I’ve seen the advertisements on the TV for Vaseline’s Spray and Go for a few weeks now. It is made to look effortless, the beautiful girl sprays her beautifully lean limbs and dresses in a flash! The mundane task of moisturising made ridiculously easy. I love it

20140318-162327.jpg While in Wexford at the weekend I slipped into Shaws for a rummage around their beauty hall. I saw this and decided it was time to try. I was unsure as to what option to get. The product comes in three.

20140318-162818.jpg There’s Total moisture, Cocoa radiant and Aloe fresh. I went for the total moisture option. I hate to lay on the cheese here but, it does exactly what it says on the can. It’s light-weight and non greasy. It’s scent is subtle and it drys amazingly quickly. While I’m not going to replace all my other body moisturisers with the new Spray and go, I think I’ll always have a can in my beauty arsenal. I think next up to try will be the Cocoa radiant version.

20140318-164508.jpg I love the scent of Cocoa butter products so I’m sure it’ll be a winner. Have you tried the Vaseline Spray and go?

❤️ Siobhan