Here’s a sneak peak into the recent Space NK goodie bag! The threshold spend was an outrageous €185… BUT… and it’s a big but, the gift is incredible!

I had zero intention of meeting the required spend to receive the goodie bag a few weeks back. I would’ve loved to go to the event, was just unlucky it clashed with a work thing. Keith did the unbelievably nice thing of sneaking into my phone and reading my wish-list. He bought the stuff he’s heard me go on and on about…This is the photo I tweeted…


I sat in bed reading the poster on all the yummy products in the goodie bag. I’m honestly not going to bore you with the details, but I’m so delighted with the gift itself that I’d highly recommend the gift in future. I, in typical nerdy fashion, took the information chart and decided to figure out the value… Wait for it… €350! Thank you Space NK.


The goodies came in the cutest bag!

I’ve broken down the goodies into their relevant departments. These are the hair care products.



These are the skin serums, brighteners and primers… Ah my favourite!


These are facials, oils and cleansers.



These are the eye creams and hydration patches.


The make-up category. The cutest little By Terry Baume de Rose.


I had to put them together for a photo. {I’ve given my Mam the little one,she loves it}

I think it’s without doubt the best gift with purchase I’ve ever received. If they do it again I’d highly recommend pulling out the stops to try and partake.

Have you been in the new Space NK in Grafton Street?

❤️ Siobhan