“No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up and never give up.” – Marissa Carter. 

So this is a new series I’m starting here on Dreaming in Sequins! The Spotlight Series shares a few similarities with my Accessory Du Jour posts. The main difference is it might includes brands, shops, restaurants, hotels or even just everyday necessities. First up is the Cocoa Brown brand. 

I recently attended Marissa Carter’s Masterclass at The Intercontinental Hotel. It was such a fun, uplifting girlie day. The Goodie bags were unreal! I will be going through the bag tomorrow on snapchat…daisy13179. 

 My sister-in-law and I settled into our girlie day with a glass of bubbles. 

 We, the attendees, were spoiled with gifts at our place settings and with spot prizes. 

The beauty talk was inspiring and interesting. At the break we were served Afternoon Tea, these cakes were delicious. 

 We collected our Swag bags! I was delighted to see both Kind Shampoo and Conditioner in full sizes. I had bought the travel set and they’re really good. The fragrance is nice, the formula makes the hair really soft and I’ve noticed my hair has far more volume. The day was really enjoyable and I felt for the hundred euro ticket price I got my (Serious) value for money. I highly recommend the masterclass and I will attend the next one. 

It’s no surprise at this stage of this post, that I’m a fan of Marissa Carter. I think she’s an incredible buisness woman and an amazing role model for all Irish woman, particularly the younger set. But let’s me honest for a minute… She could be all those things, all day long, but if her products weren’t good; you wouldn’t know who she is! I want to share with you my fave Cocoa B products. 

Hero Products: 

So you’re not surprised I love Tough Stuff, this beauty got its own post here. This scrub will remove even my most stubborn tan. Leaves the skin feeling awesome.

 The Ton-Turing (tonturing) craze pushed me over the edge and I bought this Gentle Bronze about… It was over a month ago! Wait for it… I’m tanning my face! I now wake up in the morning and don’t get the same kind of fright as before. (I highly recommend you try it… I’ve used the brushes but I think I apply it better with my fingers)

 I always have an unopened bottle of Cocoa Brown One- hour tan. I mean don’t we all. But this bottle I picked up in a rush. I think it’s harder to apply. It’s so fast drying. But when you shower the next day, the glow it gives the skin is amazing. 

 Speaking of glow; I mean… Let’s just take a minute to look at it. The general chorus from cheekbones everywhere is loud and proud. The Rose Gold Goddess Oil is amazing in the high points of the cheek. I have worn it maybe four times and I’ve been at least four times… What is your highlight? 

My favourite product just might be the Instant Tan Bronzing Gel Matte. It is the best instant tan ever. EVER. I also love the double sided mitt. Really I love them. If I won the Irish Lotto I would use a new mitt everytime. 

Tell me, what are your thoughts on Cocoa Brown?