As I’ve gotten older I’ve had many signature scents. My mam very nicely bought me a bottle of Tuscany when I was 15… Although this period in my life had me dressing like a boy, I always smelled very feminine. (My brothers are reading this and saying ‘yeah, total psycho’)

20140107-204126.jpg Tuscany I loved it.

20140107-204809.jpg For year afterwards I wore Beautiful by Estée Lauder. This was probably a little grown up for me. When I started in college, I was wearing Stella by Stella McCartney

20140107-205258.jpg I still love Stella and wear it a lot.

However my all-time favourite and has been since Chanel brought it out in 2010, is Chanel’s Chance eau Tendre.

20140107-205522.jpg Tom (my little boy) very kindly bought me this for Christmas… I adore this scent.

20140107-205737.jpg It’s floral, sweet and romantic. I love that my husband smells deeply on my neck when I put it on!

What is your signature scent?

❤️ Siobhan