HAHA I know right… Every time!

But I genuinely went in to see if the mouthwash was on special. You know the big litre bottle… (Feels like a workout when you lift it) It’s unclear what happened next but I went on a mad one. The haul was awesome and I left feeling spoiled, with the goodies I’d feel like a new woman, we talking hair dye, wax strips, nail varnish, tan oh and what I’m about to talk about now. ALL the mini benefits… Geddit!

These goodies are four for twenty euro. You get this clear makeup pouch… I’m thinking airport security… I’m a massive fan of the Benefit Benetint! But I decided to try the Posie tint. 

The bottle is so cute and I will have this for months. 

I also choose a High Beam, I’m a big fan of High Beam. I know, the market is flooded with amazing highlighters, the Mary-Lou Manizer, Becca Backlight and Youngblood Champagne Life… are all faves of mine. But I love this for an everyday pop of light to the face. 

 I picked two of these… I have never used it so have no idea why I bought two… I’m excited to try it! I love the idea of picking four minis. They have the deal online here, What’s your favourite Benefit product? 

❤️ Siobhan.