It’s a little known secret that I’m a nail varnish addict. I’d love to say that with that comes a desire to look after my cuticles and my nails but it doesn’t. I just love picking up a new polish, probably nearly as much as I love lipgloss. My favourite nail Polish has always been Chanel. I know they’re notorious for chipping but I love their colours and frequently spent Boots points on these little bottles of magic. My favourite is Lotus Rouge.

20140121-165118.jpg I can tell you and I’m not ashamed I’ve finished two bottles of this beautiful red. The best red colour I’ve ever encountered. But recently I’ve increasingly heard great things about Essie. I first ventured into the Essie market with a double pack at Christmas. It includes ‘Fiji’ and ‘A cut above’ (which it certainly is)

20140121-165606.jpg I loved them and now every time I use them I’m reminded of some great Christmas nights. I had €5 off coupon for Boots in January…(didn’t we all) and decided that it was incentive enough to have a little stop at the Essie counter.

20140121-165804.jpg These are the fruits of my stop… The cutest blue in ‘Lapiz of Luxury’ and a sweet little gold/silver/blue glitter (drool) topcoat, ‘On a silver platter’.

20140121-170329.jpg This beautiful cornflower blue is heavenly and ideal for my hands and feet. I really feel it’ll transition for Spring and Summer.

20140121-170437.jpg This glitter topcoat is the real star of the show. It’s magnificent! It changes the blue, in fact it changes any nail varnish I use it with and so instantly doubles your collection.

20140121-170901.jpg Hello Summer! I can honestly say I’m an Essie convert…what are your favourite Essie colours?

❤️ Siobhan