I’ve never been a great saver of money. I’ve always spent the money I earned. It’s a combination of two addictions, shopping and pretty things. When I started working I loved spending my money and I did…(every payday) Back then my Dad reckoned if I won the lottery I’d need a credit union loan the following year. This was extreme but probably a little justified as I regularly asked to borrow future pocket monies to buy something that would catch my eye.
I have a little more sense now and the reserve I show when I go shopping is impressive when compared with earlier exploits. It still amazes my mam, who I inherited the shopping gene from.
However, I’ve never had a problem saving loyalty points, in fact I love to. I’ll save the points for months and then buy a little make-up or even just get a free boots haul.

20140111-085204.jpg I’ve been saving the boots points since last November and today I decided to have a little free spend…Love it. I initially had planned picking up a few lip butters, but realised this morning that I needed some new tinted moisturiser!
I have tried the a few BB creams, and repurchased the Laura Mercer while in NYC. I like it but I recently read Laura from Buy now, Blog later! post on face products. She recommends the Diorskin BB creme. I purchased the Diorskin nude in 002

20140112-175113.jpg I’m so excited to try it. I really love when the assistant throws in some samples…

20140112-175300.jpg It’s recommended that you wear this over your moisturiser to give your skin a moisture boost. The skin of your dreams…YES please.

Are you saving your points for something special?

❤️ Siobhan