I’ve recently had to do a Boots run for essentials and I realised I’ve never talked about these.  They’re the beauty products I buy regularly. I’d be lost without them. 

Cutex Nail Varnish Remover: 

I love this stuff and since my love for glitter polish is going no where I need the best. I use a bucket load of this stuff. Just soak some cotton pads and then the real fun starts. I know I could use something harsher but the suits my nails.

Sure deodorant

Another staple. I love these tiny bottles of compressed deodorant, they’re so handy for your handbag. 


I haaaaate the way this stuff smells, but it is foolproof. I love the in-shower stuff too. Love that Veet do this sensitive version.

Venus Breeze:

Unlike the Veet, I absolutely love the smell of the jel on these razors. They’re so handy and give the closest inshower shave that I’ve tried.

What are your beauty essentials? 

❤️ Siobhan.