As a confessed fan of Micellar waters, when Garnier brought out a new one, I was always going to buy it! For me it’s the perfect step before a cleanse. Before I ramble on about these Garnier Micellar Waters, I want to clarify one thing. 

The best Micellar water I’ve ever used is Bioderma, for me it’s by far the best. (Eh why am I in possession of THREE bottles of Garnier?… Because I go through this stuff like a movie star… two bottles a month) The Garnier is four euro in Penneys, at that price I always have one. 

 This is my Numbero Uno, it does leave your skin wet for about 90 seconds after using but when you’re following up with a cleanser, this is not a problem. I love it and will always repurchase.

  Did I notice a massive difference with this  … I’m calling it the green one… I’m technical like that… No! It also leaves my skin wet, and dry with a little tightness. Neither bottle is perfumed and yet I have a stronger scent with this one. 

 Okay… Now for the new (to me anyway) Micellar water, I realise it’s out a while! So I use it like the others, I squeeze it onto a cotton round. I think it drys off the pad very quickly. It leaves my skin oily… I’m not a fan of it for my face. I realise if I was lashing on Estée Lauder Double Wear or something it might be better. I imagine the oily nature of it would break down heavy make-up with ease.  (Realistically there’s not a lot of makeup on my face at the end of the day) However,  I wear waterproof mascara and as an eye makeup remover it’s awesome. Still very oily but it dissolves my mascara. So there you have it, the Garnier Micellar waters are a handy little product. What are your thoughts? 

❤️ Siobhan.