Hmmm not sure how appropriate my title is but you know I love a little drama in my titles…

I wrote a post on the REN beauty launch earlier this month, you can catch up here. It was a great night and I literally have used the product everyday since.

This little guy was given to us in the goodie bag, it’s the REN Beauty Shot. I was so excited to use it.

The bottle is cute and has a dropper…{I’m sure that’s it’s scientific name!} it’s a great dispenser as it stops me using way too much of the product.

I’ve used the product everyday since I got it…
1. My skin loves it, I know I seem to say that a lot round these parts… (Aside: I write posts on products that I really love, someone asked me recently about stuff I don’t like… Life is busy and time is precious, if I don’t like it – it goes in the bin).
2. Moisturiser is optional with this, but it tightens up your skin instantly so I apply the Clarins Extra-firming over it…(Aside – Stephanie from Snapped-up! did an awesome review and she prefers to apply it over her moisturiser. I’ve tried this and it too is awesome.
3. The science behind this offers up smoother, brighter skin. It definitely has left my skin smoother.
4. It makes an excellent primer under make-up.
5. I like the tightening – makes me feel 25…
6. It’s rose scent is very inoffensive, because let’s be honest it can sometimes give off a hint of grandma!

7. The texture is sticky at first and I apply to my hands and ‘pat’ it to my face instead of the usual rubbing… It looses this stickiness quickly which is good!

You know I’m not big on the science…I try it – I like it – I go back to my cave and continue to use it! It’s available online’s pricey but it literally is two drops per application so I’d imagine it’s a two bottle a year product… (This is how I justify pricey products, feel free to use this excuse *winks)
Rebecca from Bec Boop, has also done a fantastic review too which is well worth a read!
Do you like REN? What have you tried?

❤️ Siobhan.