Yes! I have a policy if something impresses me enough that I hand over cash for it more than once…That warrants a blog post! 

Face masks and eye masks are the lazy…read busy… person’s friend. We all want our skin plumped, bright, fresh and as clean and smooth as we can get it. But honestly I’m lucky if I get to cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day. The weekend is were I try to catch up and pack my skin with moisture. I’m a massive fan of masks… they make you feel good and a good one is like a twelve hour sleep. But currently I’ve yet to try a better eye mask than the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Recovery eye masks. They’re fantastic!  I have talked about them on Snapchat and I’ve posted about them on Instagram, but it was time they had their own post.  I buy the pack for four, they cost €35. But I recommend you try them first. You can buy a single eye mask for ten euro! That’s how confident Estée Lauder is that you’ll love them!  You break the seal on the pouch and soak the eye sheets. I won’t lie, it’s one of my favourite parts! You then place each mask under the eye for ten minutes. The perfume from the serum is the same as the other ANR range. The under eye area feels so hydrated after the mask. I notice a difference in how my concealer sits and the under eye area is much brighter. Massive fan and will repurchase again! What a great little gift they’d make! Have you tried any amazing eye or face masks I should try out? 

❤️ Siobhán.