The inspiration came for today’s post when Tom pulled two bottles of nail polish out of the fridge and said ‘Here put these on da blog’… That’s a true story. I started to snort I thought it was so funny! My previous nail escapades are chronicled right here, and it’s still a firm favourite! These are my favourites at the moment…

The Sally Hansen 620 in ‘Wine Not’ is the perfect berry colour. It’s classy and chic and relatively well wearing on the nails. It’s my first Sally H nail colour and I’ve got my eye on ‘Greyfetti’. I will keep y’all informed on Instagram, with how it looks when I purchase! 

These No.7 Gel-Look shine polishes in ‘Rose Gold’ and ‘Neptune‘ are great colours separately or together! I am such a huge fan of No.7 the brand has really improved and I’ve rambled about that before!

These Rimmel Salon Pro Reds are everything! I mean you’ll look like Kate Moss when you wear them… I swear! The 124 Venus is an oldie but the 114 Mars* is new and will get its first outing today. Is there anything cooler than a red nail in the Autumn/Winter (Christmas *coughs) what’s your favourite nail polish at the moment… Please tell me… I might need it! 

❤️ Siobhan.