So it’s known around these parts that my hair might be the most neglected thing in this house! I’m so bad at looking after it, I recently confessed to my eyebrow queen Siobhan, that I washed it with shower gel. Not something I was particularly proud off, it was in fact what pushed me to take the plunge and I purchased Revlon Uniq One.  This stuff is hair gold! So it’s got ten benefits and for me it’s fuss free. I apply three pumps to damp hair after the shower.  I heard it’s a fantastic as a protective heat treatment. I have found that…

1. It’s nourished the end of my hair and they’re not half as dry.

2. It’s perfect as a leave in conditioner.

3. I have noticed my hair has more volume.

I must say that application is important. I don’t put the treatment anywhere near my roots. I work it through my fingers and I to the end of my hair.  It has a smooth texture and the coconut scent is incredible. The bottle is fifteen euro. What are your hair care secrets? 

❤️ Siobhán.