Soooo… Exciting stuff from the Department of Dreams… Blogger collaboration with the gorgeous Magstyle!

I met Mags last August at the #ITWBN meet up and if I’m not mistaken Mags and Sue were the two people I spoke to first. I was so nervous. Mags, put me at ease with her easy charm. She’s not only gorgeous but really very nice!


We also met the beautiful Ruth, Ruth writes at The Beauty Kemple. She introduced us to this Blogger collaboration were you show your blogger friends a little TLC… It’s basically stalking… But with permission! Ruth buddied up with Sammi who writes at Spagbowl’s Spot. Mags and I decided to have a go…The #Snailmail starts with a little stalkage and then saying what we like most;

1. I love the name of Mag’s blog…Magstyle!

2. Mag’s has a trademark Piccollage style with her photos that I love. It gives her OOTD/OOTN great contrast.

(I love this look).
3. I love the pink colour of Mag’s blog. I love that the date organiser in the right column splits the years. Defo something I’d like to change on my own blog.

4. Magstyle makes a Statement! We both love our statement necklaces and rings. Mag’s has a fab collection.

5. Mag’s keeps her nails in amazing condition and they’re always a beautiful colour.

This review on Youngblood Cosmetics was awesome.

6. Mag’s has a classic style that’s really fashionable. Mag’s and I have similar tastes in handbags, I love her taupe Marc Jacobs.

That wraps up the first installment of our #Snailmail! I’ll keep you all posted with the next installment. I loved reading through Mag’s posts again today. Looking forward to catching up (for Cocktails & Chats) on the 8th! You can find Mags here. If you’re on Facebook, here. and on Instagram too.

❤️ Siobhan.