“It’s not too late on Christmas Eve to have fun, you can call an old college roommate, call, you know an old army buddy, call your personal banker. HEY! I don’t hear any partying in that booth, Elliot!” – Frank Cross (Scrooged, 1988)

Ah Scrooged is a classic! Every year my brothers and I send the quote…”It’s Christmas Eve, it’s not too late”

Christmas Eve is without fail my favourite day of the year. As a child, we had Ice-creams for breakfast in The Soda Fountain in the Ilac Centre. This now has evolved to be a large family breakfast at 8am in town!

We are ready for The Big man!

The gifts are wrapped!

Playing with Candy Canes!

I love the buzz around town on Christmas Eve, it’s so Christmassy!

Eh really looking forward to Santa!
Have a fantastic Christmas my lovelies,
I’ll be back on St. Stephen’s Day with my weekly favourites.

❤️ Siobhan