“Let’s be naughty and save Santa a trip” – Gary Allan

This post has been on the editing table a while. It’s the follow up to Tuesday’s part one. I’ve made my mistakes at parties… Haven’t we all! I’m sure to make them in the future also. The idea of Party Etiquette is something that’s all well and good in your cosy PJ’s slurping coffee. Something very different when the prosecco and sugar gets into the blood. I wanted to look at Party Etiquette under the following headings (In an attempt to keep it short: not to bore you); Conversation, Drinking, Home time and Social Media.


1. Drinking Alcohol;

Oh God… The fear! Waking up and remembering with a cringe, sloppy behaviour or worse still not remembering at all. It’s so important to pace your drinking at the office Christmas party or any party really. Shots with the boss is cool, but not if you’re falling asleep in the shared taxi or vomiting. Kelly Brook once vomited into her Hermes Birkin in a taxi… No Kelly. Never!


2. Conversation.
The golden rules of conversation at work parties… Please don’t talk about work! Keep it light, fun, nice and friendly. Steer clear of those people you rub up the wrong way, those people that don’t like you.

One of the key skills I try to work on every single day are my Listening skills. In a conversation, listening to learn is key. It’s so obvious when people are simply waiting to give their opinion. Enjoy your Christmas party and listen to those around you.

3. Going home!

So many nights I’ve stayed beyond the point when I should’ve long gone. It’s so important to know when you’ve had enough to drink.

When you’re heading home, make sure to keep cash for the taxi… You’ve just spent a truck load of euro on booze… Don’t be trying to mooch a free lift home. Make sure you know where the taxi rank is… DO NOT go by yourself!

4. Social Media never forgets!

Your drunkenness may only be momentary, but it will more often than not be caught by someone on camera. Now I’m off the opinion that when you’re tagged in unflattering pictures on Facebook, it says more about the so-called ‘friend’ that put them up! Who does that? But nonetheless you may have to look at them forever. Plus let’s be honest everyone has seen them once you’re tagged anyway. Likewise check through your photos and delete the clangers before uploading. Using Social media is like drunk-texting, it’s all fun and games when you’re laughing over a chocolate malt in Eddie Rockets…


What’s your golden rule for the office party?

❤️ Siobhan