I love the above quote by Robert Frost. Even though the Fourth of July originated in the USA I think it acts as a reminder to us all ~ to live the truest life we can. To be free with our emotions and opinions with an honesty that allows us remain true to our values. 

I was kindly invited to celebrate the Fourth of July on Thursday in Arnotts, Dublin with Alex & Ani! It’s surprise that I love celebrating Independence Day, I spoke about it last year here… The party in Arnotts was so much fun! My outfit planning was colour conscious… 

Of course I stacked on the Alex & Ani. 

I love the brand, I visited their store in Soho, New York nearly two years ago… I’ve blogged about them before also here.  

Can I just say also ~ How impressive is Arnotts these days? The store is amazing.  

The DJ was epic… The jewelry was stunning. 

The goodies were endless… 

We had such a fun night. 

We took a selfie to enter the competition to win flights to NYC. The lovely Suzi Q was the winner on the night!  

The goodie bags were awesome! The chats were in full flow. I finally met Kathleen from  Squidgy Moments and the fabulous fashionista Nirina from Killer Fashion! and Mei Ling from Darling Buds of Mei! (Coolest name ever…) and I met Eimear, who in real life is more beautiful than her You Tube tutorials. I also got to meet one of my favourite snapchatters… Grace from FacesbyGrace! 

Have a great Fourth of July, enjoy the celebrations. 

❤️ Siobhan.

“Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life” ~ Bob Marley