Side note: If you are hungry you may want to check back later! 

I am a sucker for Afternoon Tea, it’s uncanny how I will literally eat anything if it’s miniature. I love the tiered plates, the fact that it’s mainly sweet food and usually the experience is positive. 

But the reason I felt compelled to write this is… the Wedgwood Afternoon Tea in The Restaurant at Brown Thomas, is possibly the best I’ve ever had. I have had Afternoon Tea in many places and some have been very fancy… there was a Celtic Tiger splurge in the Waldorf Astoria (I didn’t fly all the way over for it ~ but the cost of it, a flight being included wouldn’t have been a huge stretch)  The event is in its final week… The food itself is incredible, beautifully designed and prepared and most importantly tasted delicious.  The Wedgwood dishes were simply beautiful and I could not fault the service. We were truly spoiled.  I haven’t seen a prettier Afternoon Tea ever. I’d highly recommend the whole experience, I’m really interested to see what their next feature event will be. I will certainly be trying it out. Where is the best place you’ve had Afternoon Tea? 

❤️ Siobhán.