‘Its not the end of the world, it might just feel like it’ 

My snapchat (daisy13179) is flooded with people telling students of the Leaving Cert. ~ don’t worry you can still do what you want/it’s not the end of the world! 

Truth is : It does matter! Regardless how flawed the system is, if you made a mistake you have to learn from it! 

I actually feel really sorry for the small percentage of those who are marginally off for inflated course points (going on last years for reference) They’re the real victims of a strict system! They’ve worked hard and a system of marking has let them down! 

But let’s clarify something – THE LEAVING CERTIFICATE IS NOT A TEST OF INTELLIGENCE! There has been very intelligent people who have failed it. There’s been people with lower IQs get top marks. The Leaving Cert. tests commitment to work, time management, perseverance to a project, following instructions and taking advice. 

The reality of the situation is that students who can make their education and their Leaving Cert. years a priority will do well. These students , come from nurturing environments that prioritises the importance of education and stimulates the motivation of success at these exams. The guidance along the pathway is ever present – not just from 5th year – but through their entire school journey. 

Some teenagers do not have this luxury – I’m not in the business of making excuses (that’s not the person I am – and the inequality in the Irish Education System is not the purpose of this post)

(I’m not insinuating this is across the board, many students do very well when this is not the case!)

Ultimately as someone who has a passion for education and the betterment of young people! 

My message is this; today is a learning curve in your life, congratulations if you got what you want, the next step is an exciting one! If you didn’t get what you want you were (A) Very unlucky in the aforementioned strict system or (B) You didn’t work hard enough and you’ve learned for the first time that life is hard work. You can rise up (Hopefully there are people around you can help with this ~ it might be at the end of a pint glass tonight ~ fight back!

People reel off stories of those who are very successful now, but didn’t get great Leaving Cert. results, they fought back! There are lots of people who did great Leaving Certs. who are also successful. 

Today is not the end of the story, for anyone who got results, it’s only the first chapter of your, now, adult life! Your life… Enjoy it! 

❤️ Siobhan. 

PS. Regular business of frivolous talk of shopping and very important beauty talk will commence on Friday!