I got my tickets for the Blog Awards ages ago… Months ago! Before the nominations were out. I had planned to go, I was excited to go. The launch came around and it was attend or miss a friends intimate 21st dinner, I made the decision not to let my friend down. {In my head I thought, well I’ll have the awards}


But I didn’t… {insert weepy emoji face here} and from what I hear I missed the party of the year. I sent out the tweet… Anyone need tickets… No takers! Then this pair of messers decided they’d go…


My mam, Mary, and her neighbor and friend Celine. They got their glad rags on and hit the Westgrove Hotel in Clane. They sat next to the glenisk crew and were looked after so very well. Glenisk sponsored the awards along with many others.

IMG_2512.JPG{photo of the Glenisk deserts: Vincent Cleary, Glenisk}

These yummy deserts were one of my Mam’s highlights… Trust the diabetic to get the scoop on the sweets. The awards were a fantastic success. You can find a full list of the worthy winners here but truly my mam felt like one of the winners on the night she came home with these exquisite shoes.


{Eh Thank God we’re the same size} full post on these beauties coming soon. There Nora Karen shoes and they’re hand made in the USA.

Thank you to Lorna and Amanda for organising a truly wonderful night, l was so sorry to miss it. To the Glenisk crew thanks for looking after my mam. She too has been very sick and she had a wonderful night!

❤️ Siobhan