Those who know me… You know I’m a big fan of Chanel, from Beauty to Fashion… It’s a brand that I admire and love. (Now, I’m by no means saying that I’m onboard with the massive price increases!) There is, however, no denying the beauty of their products, especially the handbags.  

The craftmanship is exquisite with their bags and the attention to detail is what makes them so coveted. You can only imagine how stupid I got when Keith suggested we visit the home of Chanel. (I know how crazy lucky I am!) 

Miss Coco opened a hat shop, “Chanel Modes” here in 1910!  

In 1918, Coco acquired the whole building at 31, Rue Cambon. Not even ten years later and Chanel owned five buildings on rue Cambon 26-31!  

 Mademoiselle Chanel, designed the famous mirrored staircase that connects all four floors.  
Access the upper levels on rue Cambon is by invitation only.  

Access to the ground floor boutique is open and extremely friendly to all. I was invited to have coffee and take photos for the blog.  

The staff were incredibly nice to us.  

The layout is chic and so well stocked! I’ve never seen so many shoes!  

The staff, especially Lola, were awesome to me and kindly looked after me in my efforts to write this post! As Jean Hoehn, Chanel’s marketeer put it, “With Chanel, people know what to expect. And they keep coming back to us…” I loved my trip to number 31, honestly when I return to Paris I will return there also. What is your favourite brand? 

❤️ Siobhan.