Okay so there is a defense for this and you’re going to have to hear me out. A month after Christmas…I can imagine this is sounding a little flimsy.

We brought Tom to see Big Hero Six, he loved Baymax, he had gotten money for Christmas so we bought Baymax in Argos.

Jesus I swear I’m getting to the point.

Argos gave a €5 voucher to be spent in February.
I had seen this beaut of a necklace in the store over Christmas it was €35… Wasn’t happening. I literally could sell them. But when a strange but funny string of events came together this necklace and I crossed paths again.

It won’t come as a surprise that I’m a fiend for Rosegold.

It’s such a stunning piece and to be fair… Looks and feels every cent of its €35!

Here’s the best bit… The necklace is currently on sale for… €10.99. Yup, I used the voucher and paid a whopping €6 for it. I mean come on… I had to! If you’re interested the necklace it’s still available… here!

❤️ Siobhan.