I am obsessed with Fur stoles right now and the high street is offering up a bountiful supply. I’m loving all things fur trimmed. I have decided that I’m going to take my favourite cardigans and leather jackets and pair them with a cute fur stole over Christmas. 

 These cute wraps are from ASOS.  

 This stole is amazing. But I’ve already invested. Penneys came to the rescue.  

 (Firstly let me apologise for the awful photo…until I style this I couldn’t get a better one! Most importantly you need to get to Pemneys before they’re sold out) I saw the simple scarf (€9) and as nice as it was… I just saw myself constantly fixing it/holding it on! When I was in Wexford, my Mam insisted that I buy this…twisted my arm… There’s a slit on the side that the scarf slides into! It’s absolutely gorgeous. The right length, it sits neatly and it’s so soft. It’s love and at €18 the perfect price point to test out the trend! I’ll style it for the #BridieBrunch on Saturday and ask Keith to take a gazillion photos of which I might post one or two! 

❤️ Siobhan.