I know what you thinking… ‘How can she possibly be talking about necklaces again’…I am and I’m sorry! I’m sick! 

I saw on the net that, A BOX FOR MY TREASURE, was having a Studio sale last Saturday. I’m a big fan of Judith’s design aesthetic and previously had a ramble here. I’m an all or nothing kinda gal. I love my accessories and will either go dainty and make a subtle statement, or I’ll go big and bold.

The high street is teeming with dainty gold jewelry at the moment and what’s more, the necklaces are being layered in a staggered way that I’m a huge fan of. The sets are so pretty. These offerings from ASOS are cute if you’re looking to update on a budget.

 A BOX FOR MY TREASURE, is a little pricier but the jewelry is hand-crafted and gold and silver plated.

These are stunning, dainty designs are Judith’s trademark and she does ‘dainty’ so well…

If you like pretty earrings…

This gorgeous Irish made jewelry is available online here, and it would make the ideal Mother’s Day gift.

❤️ Siobhan.