Can we just take a minute to appreciate how runners have become trendy again. Not something that’s hidden away in a gym bag to be pulled out at the last minute to workout! But a full on Fashion Statement! I have a love ~ hate relationship with them. As a teen I loved the Adidas all stars and wore them with everything…wasn’t trendy then Goddamnit! Then I had Cons in the late nineties … Who didn’t? After this my affinity to see runners as fashionable shoes kind of ended. I have had Converse new and old in my wardrobe since but as a casual option for Summer! 

But I’ve been brainwashed lately into wishing I had a pair of New Balance… Yup turns out they’re the Cats Pajamas lately.  

These guys are so comfy and I’m living in them since I got them. I’m a size 4 but these are ridiculously tiny. I’m planning on wearing them with everything from Maxi dresses, shorts, jeans, dresses and even faux leather jeans! Cost per wear practically free… 

Confession time:

“This post was intended to have more content; numerous photos of gorgeous Bloggers wearing their runners with everything from high street to Haute Couture… But I’ve been a lazy blogger this weekend and I snook off with Keith for a date last night instead of blogging… Sorry… Not sorry!

❤️ Siobhan