I’d be lying if I said I loved this trend the minute I saw it all over the catwalks. It’s definitely a style that has worn me down and cheekily stolen my heart. But I’m mad for Tassel Earrings… what’s more I’m loving the high street interpretation of the trend. I have been stalking them on Instagram and on the fab Betty and Biddy website. I love the way high street shops and sites like Betty & Biddy make catwalk trends accessible. Because while I love the trend I don’t want to spend hundreds of euro on a pair of earrings that I’ll wear a dozen times.   These are the “luxury” options and while they’re really nice, I far prefer the more affordable options.  These Betty & Biddy tassel earrings are the bomb. They’re affordable and come in so many colours. These four are my favourites. I’m going to be pairing these with dresses and jeans and fancy tops this Summer. I am a big fan… what do you think of the trend?
❤️ Siobhán.