Please hear me out! 

I know, I know, on here we’re all fiends for the cozy comfy blanket scarves! The kind that, if by some crazy change of luck and we find ourselves out Bear Grylls style, can double as a home! I’m all about the big scarf, but Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls the skinny scarf is about to have a moment for the über chic chicks! It’s not as a winter coverup just in place of a necklace!  

 There’s a variety on textures and colours on the market!  

 We all know how I feel about the Polka Dots! I rambled about them here! 

 There is nothing surer then I’ll be trying out this hard ass rock chick chic, I love the minimalist jeans and blouse with the skinny scarf tied effortlessly… Who’s with me? 

❤️ Siobhan. 

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