“Dreams if they’re any good, are always a bit crazy”  ~ Ray Charles.

So like every other girl in the world I’m obsessed with ASOS! I’m an ASOS girl nearly eleven years now. The site was as fabulous when it was unknown as it is now. Like every working girl in Celtic Tiger Ireland, my basket was regularly shipped to me. Life has become more sensible, my saved basket is worth about three thousand pounds. {I buy everything in GBP} I am going to share some of my favourites with you today.  

In no particular order this chunky blue knit jumper is stunning. You can watch the catwalk…here! 

These are from my favourite colour scheme. The Sequin Skirt has been in my saved bag months… Fabulous!  

These tops are amazing and so wearable for Winter layering. You can find them here! 

ASOS have an amazing variety of purses and jewelry. 

This Oversized check scarf is ideal for wrapping up this Winter! What have you saved in your ASOS wish list… Come on let’s hear it? 

❤️ Siobhan.