So last August I had jumped on the bandwagon of big bag loving! Whether they’re in style or out… us girls love a good tote. The Accessory Du Jour post, was full of beautiful bags. I loved them all…equally! But of late I’m drawn to black totes… Well one black tote in particular, the Saint Laurent beauty… I mentioned in my Favourites on Friday post (here) 

I love this bag it’s so functional! I would happily carry it right now even though Spring is knocking at the door. The little pouch has my heart in a flutter! It would make the perfect makeup bag of clutch! It’s price tag is definitely an investment! But you know my standing on that!

This Longchamp beauty is more affordable and effortlessly chic! The full collection and colourful offerings are available right here! But again, I can’t help but be drawn to the black.  

This Zara bag is amazing. The lines are fun and the detachable zipped inside pocket eliminates the fear around having such an open bag. You can have a better look here!

This Forever 21 bag is simple and cute. I love that there’s no branding or touches on the bag that could date it. It also zips closed, which makes it ideal if you’re on a bus or something. (Find it here)

The last bag is from Monsoon Accessories, it’s leather and so a little more pricey than the Zara, Forever 21 option. It’s such a gorgeous shape and the long strap is amazing. It’s available online here! Are you a fan of tote bags? Tell me in the comments which one is your favourite? 

❤️ Siobhan.