Do you have a favourite colour? I love colour and I’ve previously mentioned my top five favourites that occasionally swap around. In the warmer months I love Blush! If someone put a gun to my head I couldn’t decide between blush pink and grey. In terms of clothing they’re two colours that fill my wardrobe. I love Blush pink (or as some call it Dusty pink) probably since seeing The Thorne Birds … We all had a crush on Richard Chamberlain right? It’s such a feminine, ethereal, pretty colour. Here’s what I’m currently coveting…

20140705-154825-56905649.jpg I love this dress.

20140705-154852-56932442.jpgand this one…

20140705-154914-56954427.jpgA fab play suit.


20140705-154953-56993894.jpgLulu Guinness clutch perfection.

20140705-155110-57070343.jpgA pretty lace headband. I’m loving this feminine colour. You like it?

❤️ Siobhan