Oh man I wasn’t going to do the whole, what I got for Christmas post. (That’s not to say I don’t loooove those posts, I do!) BUT, I’m sorry this bag deserves a post. It is its second post to be fair, little excessive…I have talked about investing in expensive bags before on my blog. They are investments if you love them, use them and mind them!

When I was a kid, what little money I had was always spent buying wallets and purses…I then had no money to put in them but this was of little consequence to me. I still love wallets and purses and handbags. They smell so good. When I started working part-time, I would buy a handbag every time I got paid. I’d think nothing of hitting Topshop and handing over a hundred plus euro. This was adding up to quite a bit. I then received my first designer bag as a gift. Since then I’ve saved and invested in handbags that I really want and limited it it one/two a year. For Christmas, I was lucky enough to be given two handbags. My Mam bought me a beautiful Kate Spade NY bag. Keith surprised me with the Gucci Disco bag.

He bought it in Brown Thomas in the new Gucci Boutique.



The little dust bag is so cute. I keep the tissue also, when I’m not using the bag I fill it with tissue, it helps maintain the shape and structure of the bag.


The Champagne colour in this bag is just gorgeous. The bag is small but holds a lot. I’ll have it a long time and will look after it. I know some people might think buying a designer bag is expensive/not worth the money etc. My own thoughts are that whether you want to spend your money, in a club, in a pub, smoke it or buy a handbag, It is your money, spend it on what you wish!

What was your favourite gift this year?
❤️ Siobhan.