So I could start with all the excuses… I needed it for research, it’s nearly my Birthday, I’m addicted to shopping, I really love Watches! 

Truth is I had to have it. This happens to me sometimes! I see something online (Cause sometimes I browse the internet…almost dies laughing) Now as much as it might seem that I am always shopping, I’m not. I sometimes just decide on the spot… this watch was one of those times. I knew I was buying it, if I had to do my own brows for the next six months…yeah right… that’s a joke Siobhan Macken I need to see you soon!  I ordered from Weirs & Sons, it was being shipped for free, it got mislade in the shop and so the manager called me… apologised and had it sent by courier. I had it an hour later.  It’s the 36mm size and it’s a keeper!  Now you will remember almost THREE YEARS ago, I told you Daniel Wellington Watches were going to BE HUGE! (Smugly nods head) This is huge for me, I’m loving the black croc strap and excited to see what interchangeable straps might look good with it… I’m thinking red for the Summer! I will be styling it up over on Instagram so be sure to follow me there! You can check out the range here! I couldn’t recommend Weirs enough. Their service was fantastic! What do you think of the watch? 

❤️ Siobhán.