Do you have designer goodies that you no longer wear?

Being a handbag enthusiast, I can talk about and look (drool) at bags all day. I had noticed that I wasn’t using some of my bags and wallets at all. If I did use them I changed them out quickly. I decided to take a trip to Designer Exchange, it’s a store on Dawson street in Dublin. They buy designer goods for cash or store credit. I met Paddy when I went in first. We talked about handbags for twenty minutes, the only thing missing was coffee and getting to see his Birkin! The Designer Exchange is open four years and they get new stock everyday. They upload photos and prices (I love that they upload the price too) on Facebook everyday.   

This little 3.1 Philip Lim beauty was half price. It’s available in BT today for double! 

They have a number of high end designer bags, brands including Chanel, Céline, Louis Vuitton… 

Are you ready for the best part? The Designer Exchange offer payment plans! You can pay a deposit and you have up to ten weeks to pay the balance.  

 I brought some goodies in and received a quote to sell three days later.I picked up the cheque the next day. I was really happy and honestly the shop is a wonder to walk around… (Think Ariel’s cave in the little mermaid) if you are in the market for selling or buying… You should get in touch with Paddy…here or here! Have you ever consigned? Tell me in the comments…

❤️ Siobhan.