Obviously if your house is on fire, your priority is to…(like the Ad told us when we were kids) get out and get the fire brigade out. When asked that question, your house is on fire, blah blah blah, your family are safe, what would you save? For me it’s my handbags. I love them. I mean the thought of loosing my clothes kills me, I’d save my handbags everytime. I recently read a great post by Laura in it she explains her buying of nice handbags occurring with milestones in life and I love that. But this is a wish-list of dream handbags. It’s the first few items on my lotto win list although not in any particular order.

20140504-201215.jpg Ah the Celine Trio. It’s beautiful and very like the Michael Kors Bedford. It comes in a variety of beautiful colours., but I love the black.

20140504-201356.jpg The Givenchy Nightingale is a gorgeous soft leather bag. WOW.

20140504-201440.jpg The Chanel executive tote. Love her!

20140504-201516.jpg The YSL muse bag. Look at it…

20140504-201601.jpg The Queen of all bags the Hermes Birkin. They’re made to your own specifications. They’re fab-u-lous!

What’s your dream handbag?