While I can’t safely say I don’t suffer with Oniomania, I do love shopping.

That’s my new word for the week –  Oniomania having a compulsion to shop…

I have grown up and don’t shop nearly as much as I used to. I’m now at an age were I want to buy less…(I can hear my Dad saying ‘There’s nothing left to buy…) but invest in better quality stuff. But who doesn’t love a good mooch on ASOS! I love nothing better then adding to my ASOS  ‘saved’  bag and here’s a peek inside what I’ve been loving on the site recently.

 The colour is just amazing. It’s Vero Moda, but I couldn’t find it in store.i love that it slightly shorter at the front.  

 This jumper has my name all over it…grey – check, lace – check and seventies bell sleeve – check! 

 This BA&SH tee is just stunning. The cut is amazing.

 These New Balance runners/trainers are fab! The casual running shoe is making a major comeback and I like it.

 More lace! This time from Oasis. I love this look. I’m a big fan of the kimono, especially with denim.

 I mentioned here that hair jewels will adorn our locks this Summer. Well my money is on the Gold transfer tattoos also. They’re super cute and sexy on tanned skin. What’s in your saved baskets?

❤️ Siobhan.