“Eh this is a ramble… Just a lil old ramble about the latest bag of my dreams… The Gucci Disco!”

As a teenager, I dreamed of a Gucci bag! In the late nineties, Gucci was on fire! In part I would imagine to the genius of Tom Ford. Ironically when given the chance to choose a designer bag later, I went with Chanel. Gucci didn’t even enter the equation. Then as the years rolled on I think Gucci lost a little of their magic … Sorry Gucci!

But it’s safe to say… They. Are. Back! With a massive campaign – “Chime for Change” to help empower women all over the world launching in February 2013, Gucci also came out with The Disco Bag!

Look at them! Aren’t they pretty? I’ve rounded up my favourite colours.

This metallic berry colour.

I love the red. It has just the right amount of orange to it.

I love the black, I have a philosophy on splurging on expensive bags, I always go black! They’ll remain timeless through the decades. But the fact that it isn’t made in metallic! Gucci what were you thinking?!?

My absolute favourite is the Champagne colour. It’s stunning, feminine and perfect for a casual day look, Summer wedding, night out… Eh it’s just perfect! You can feast your eyeballs right here or head into Brown Thomas to the newly finished Gucci boutique. What’s your favourite colour?

❤️ Siobhan