Anyone reading my blog with regularity will know my obsession with accessories. From time to time, I’ll call it a sickness. There is no end to my appetite for pretty sparkly things. I convince myself that all women have this sickness…however I recognise that this is absurd… but if like me you are obsessed with shiny things you need to check out Far Fetched Accessories! I was contacted by the owner, Tara, she was looking for my address to send me something. 

I immediately scrambled to the site… It took me all of about two minutes to quickly respond with my address. I get a few emails every week, I rarely accept to be honest. Unless I’m genuinely interested or feel I would use my own cash… The site is full of goodies. I was kindly sent this blue scarf, it’s stunning. The quality is lovely and it’s the perfect weight for a Summer scarf!  It’s also available in Coral, right here!  This choker was also in the gift. I mean you only have to scroll through my Instagram to know I’m obsessed with chokers and stars.  The price points are excellent. I’m currently lusting over the following…  I need another pouch like another set of wisdom teeth, but look at them! I mean they’re stunning. You can check colours and prices HERE!  These pretty earrings are my favourites from the site. The prices are listed here also. I am loving this site. The attention to detail in packaging is lovely too. Have you bought anything from Far Fetched Accessories… if you have tell me in the comments? 

❤️ Siobhán.