I’ve seen so many round ups of 2014 by way of Fashion and Beauty that I almost wish Christmas was around the corner… My Wishlist has hit new levels of crazy. I want to share with you my heroes of 2014. These are people, places or items either beauty or fashion (in no particular order) that stood out most.

1. The Daniel Wellington:
When I hit the archives to find this post, I couldn’t believe I posted it last April. The Daniel Wellington watch was love at first sight for me. I knew as soon as I saw it in the flesh it would be the next big thing!

2. Charlotte Tilbury’s Beach Stick:
Let’s be honest here, Charlotte Tilbury anything is making ‘Best of beauty’ posts all over the world. If the Brown Thomas fairies want to leave me a gift, Pillow talk lip pencil, Filmstar Bronze & Glow and the Magic cream are welcome.


3. The ZARA Necklace:
All.Of.Them. You know what I love H&M for stylish go to jewelry but no one does the statement necklace like ZARA.

4. Maybelline Concealer:
Eh longest name ever for a concealer… Instant Anti-age blah blah, it covers the purple bags under my eyes. Nuff said!

5. Jo Malone:Peony & Blush Suede:
I have been worshipping at the alter of Jo Malone for years, but it wasn’t until August that I splurged on this. You can check out my original Jo.M post right here.

Ah I wear these almost everyday. They’re fifteen yoyos and although I am short and have to alter the length, they’re so comfortable! These gray jeans are probably my favourite pair.

7. Celine Trio;
This little beaut was on my Wishlist for a long time. The leather in Celine wallets and handbags is like butter. It’s incredibly soft. I’m a huge fan of the brand for their minimalism and amazing colour palette.

8. Glam Glow Face Mask:
I know the Glam Glow is hit and miss with some people. I suppose few products work for everyone. I really liked it. With a mask I know the benefit with be short-term if I don’t take other factors like; sleep, water and diet in hand.

(Photo Source: Martina’s Mark)
9. Martina’s Mark; Fashion Blogger.
Martina’s Mark was my blog find of the year. You can see how absolutely stunning Martina is, but she has incredible style. You can catch up on her blog right HERE.

{Photo Source: Buy now, Blog Later
10. Buy now, Blog later: Blogger.
Laura is without fail my favourite blogger ever. Her blog is everything I want to read in a blog; Beauty, Fashion and lifestyle stuff. While I discovered Martina’s Blog this year and love it. When I open Bloglovin’, I might have 60+ posts to read, if Laura has published a post I’ll go straight to it.

11. Chanel Nail polish.
You know this year with the blog, I really branched out with nails and the majority of polishes I bought were Essie or Models Own! I received this polish as a Kris Kindle gift and you know what… I love it! Chanel aren’t renowned for their longevity! In fact with some formulations it can be pretty bad. But I’m a dope, cause I’m still drawn to them. The Spring ’15 shades of Tenderly and Paradisio are stunning!

12. Kate Spade New York.
I know another watch…I really do love watches though. Keith bought me this watch on holidays. I love it. The size is perfect and I adore the mother of pearl face.

13. London.
This year we had our holidays in London. We spent a week there in August and October. Tom had a ball and to be fair he made the trips our best yet. London has to be one of the best European cities.

14. Clarins Extra-firming day cream.
My face loves this cream. I was using a sample that I was given. It was a generous 15ml sample and I used it for almost a month. I’ve bought the cream since. I’ve a feeling this guy will feature in its own post in the not so distant future.

That’s the lot! I’ve had an amazing 2014 and I’m super excited for this year. It’s gonna be a big one.

❤️ Siobhan.