“The hardest thing in Fashion is not to be  known for a Logo but to be known for a silhouette”  ~ Giambattista Valli. 

I feel that Louis Vuitton Bags are known for both. The logo is easily recognised and the shape of the Speedy is timeless. The Speedy bag was originally designed in the 30cm size… for everyday use… It was later scaled down to 25cm for Audrey Hepburn in 1965. It’s now available in four sizes. 25,30,35 and 40cm. In a wide range of canvas and leathers. 

My speedy is the 30 Bandouliere (I didn’t know until I bought it, the Bandouliere means it has a shoulder strap ~ even though it adds over three hundred euro to the cost of the bag) As I’ve said before a shoulder strap is a must in an everyday bag for me. 

 I’ve had the bag over two years now, as I recently scaled my handbag collection down. The Speedy was never in doubt of being consigned. I love this bag. Once I realised I was never going to sell it, I went back to Louis Vuitton and had it monogrammed. 

I was so happy with the finished product. (Why I monogrammed my maiden name initials… is another story)  

 It’s the perfect brown colour bag. I went for the Damier Ebene because I think it’s so understated. The iconic monogram is nice but I much prefer the colour of the DE. The speedy was the first handbag designed and sold by Louis Vuitton and I think it’s a timeless classic handbag. I love it (I know I said that already) This bag has one fault and one only… It can hold an incredible amount of stuff and as a result, you might struggle to find things easily. This can be easily solved with a Samorga bag insert. (I plan on picking one up) The canvas speedy is so durable! A lot of people comment on the quality and condition of my handbags (I really mind them…) This bag doesn’t need ‘minding’ and it’s still like new. I heard that a lot of people when they  buy their first LV item, it can become an obsession. It hasn’t for me. I own two bags and to be honest I’m happy with both. Are you a Louis Vuitton fan? 

❤️ Siobhan.