Yup y’all know my addiction to bling. I love jewelry so much. The statement pieces are expensive or at least can be. I’m good with that… Honestly when you look after stuff and it’s good quality, you’ll have it forever! I’m good with the #feelingspendy vibes. But sometimes you can find a little magic for very little…

20140623-193846-70726038.jpgThis little guy is cute with a capital ‘C’

20140623-193917-70757149.jpgThe colour mix is so pretty. It’s a great length.

20140623-193956-70796508.jpgIT’S PENNEYS! (I know the title gave it away) It’s a little Pen-neys magic if you ask me. I love it!

20140624-165119-60679735.jpgI’m all over pink at the moment and keeping my nails, bubblegum colour…

Have you got a favourite nail colour for Summer?

❤️ Siobhan