In the last eighteen months my fascination with Kate Spade New York has gone from a mild interest to obsession. I love her, meeting the amazing staff in the Covent Garden store only makes me love the brand more. They’re so nice!


Amazingly although it says 2015, it’s a seventeen month calendar.


It started in August 2014. I love that there’s a huge notes section and a cute quote at the start of each month.

This diary is on the spendy side of life at thirty five pounds… I said it in words I think it’s less embarrassing, I’m the crazy diary lady… But really…I honestly was tempted by the day of the week pencils… I gave myself a firm talking to though!

I’ve rediscovered Essie Watermelon it’s such a pretty shade.
Have a great week, see you Wednesday!

❤️ Siobhan