Ripped jeans and cami top… REPEAT! 

I’m at my most comfortable when I’m wearing jeans, a pretty cami and either a light cardigan or kimono thrown over. If I wanna get fancy I might switch out the jeans for a skirt. That said I live in jeans! It might seem that I never take these River Island jeans off… Truth is… I own three pairs of them, one I bought full price the others I bought in the sale at halfprice…I know stockpiling jeans… It’s a new low for me!  

I appreciate that they’re probably not the most flattering jeans I own… But wait for it ~ I really don’t care!  

I then add some variety of white cami… I’m a super freak for camis. I was even waffling on about them here… over a year ago! Because thank the Gods they had and are still having a moment!  

A white cami, ripped jeans and a little Essie Watermelon on the nails. 

My very expensive Dunnes Stores sunglasses! There you have it! How I’m dressed everyday of summer! I keep the face simple with a little tinted moisturiser… Oh and I have a new favourite brow product! 

The MeMeMe Arch Angel* is quite simply DEADLY! There’s a highlight and a brow gel. I’m loving it! I think it might deserve its own post! What’s your Summer uniform? 

❤️ Siobhan.