Scarves are not just for Winter… They’re for life! 

In Ancient Rome, they were mainly worn by men to cool down… ‘Sweat cloths’ to wipe the brow. Some historians say that scarves were used in China to rank warriors. There is no doubt that in the twentieth century, we’re using them fashionably as well as practically. I’m a huge fan. In September I wrote about the return of The Skinny Scarf (here) and as much as I love all scarves my fav are the scarves that could keep you warm… Bear Grylls style! Can we just take a minute to discuss how ah-mazing Penneys is at the moment. Their scarves are stunning and cozy and if I’m trapped in the wilderness they’ll mind me!  

This beauty was five euro! Yes the quality and texture are soft… Not itchy… It is one of my favourite scarves. I’ve been stalking Penneys…to buy another one. During one of these hunting expeditions, I came across…this! 

The world of Snapchat (daisy13179) went crazy for this when I snapped about it last Friday. No-one could believe I bought it in Penneys… I dunno why… their scarves are da bomb (I’m saying this a lot lately… Shoot me) so telling everyone pick these rectangular scarves up in Penneys ~ you won’t regret it. 

In other news, I have Birthday vouchers that are burning a hole right through my wallet… I’m so tempted by this… 

 What do you think? 

❤️ Siobhan.