I’m a very lucky girl. My mother-in-law, Helen and Sister-in-law, Siobhan, went on holidays and I got some really beautiful presents brought home to me! I think it’s definitely an Irish thing when people say… ‘Its just something small!’ But as small as they are (figuratively of course)…I love them.

20140720-211343-76423716.jpgDon’t ya just love BBs when you’re on holidays…

20140720-211422-76462704.jpgWelcome to the family lady! You’re so pretty.

20140720-211454-76494149.jpgLook at the colours.

20140720-211517-76517976.jpgNavy, pale pink and cream.

20140720-211615-76575473.jpgI’m such a sucker for cute hair clips…

20140720-211642-76602182.jpgThese are so cute. I’m so lucky, my family know me so well.

❤️ Siobhan

PS: If you’re a lover of the Barry M Gelly shine nail polishes, I recommend the Rose hip.

20140720-212109-76869123.jpgI’m dreaming of it with a tan.